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Q: What kind of clips should I submit?

Anything funny! Fails, glitches, and general hilarity. p.s. You killing the whole other team in a non-unique or ironic way isn't funny to anyone but you.

Q: I found a funny video on the Internet. Can I upload it?

No... you can only submit videos you record yourself.

Q: What types of video formats do you accept? Are there any file size limits?

Pretty much any video format is OK. But .wmv, .mov or .mp4 are preferred. There is also a 100MB file size limit for video submissions. We prefer the in-game audio be included as well.

Q: Whats the minimum resolution for my clip?

No less than 360p please. We prefer 720p if possible (1280x720). And no... using your cellphone to shoot your TV while your dog is in the corner licking himself isn't quite what we're looking for.

Q: How long should the clip be?

At least 10-15 seconds. This would include preferably 5 seconds before and after the fail for editting or commentary.

Q: Do I need to add the end slate or gamertag titles?

Nah... we got that.

Q: Have any recommendations on hardware and software that I should use?

For console video capture purposes the Pinnacle Dazzle is a great option. If you want to go an extra step and record in HD, there is the Hauppauge HD-PVR or the Blackmagic Intensity. For PC games, FRAPS is a good option and isn't terribly expensive. Video editing software is really up to you, depends on what programs will handle your video files.

Q: Anyway to make the clip better?

If you captured it in a game with a theater mode, then providing several angles and speeds is very helpful. Halo: Reach fails can still be submitted to by providing a link to the clip in your file share. Please DO NOT dub in music. We can't post copyrighted music and these clips aren't usually as funny played without sound.

Note: We get a LOT of submissions! It make take a few months for us to view your clip, so don't get discouraged and if possible, leave Halo clips in your fileshare until you need the space or it gets used.

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